Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Week # 7 - A little hauling..

What a slow week.. No much of a new wave hit Malaysia yet..
Decided to purchase something from the bay..

Enjoy the pics..

A very reliable seller. Order today deliver the next day..

To my surprise, it came with the promo pack..

Nicely pack and sealed.

Some of the new waves cars which I have yet to see..
The Citroen C4 Rally was a free gift..

Honda S2000

One of my favorite casting.

Kmart Special for Jay..

For Hassan

For Hassan..

Fastback for me, RoadRunner for Rgsukan

And below are some stuff during the weekend..

VW Squareback from Parkson, Pavillion
VW Golf from Amcorp.

VW Golf GTi Mk IV

That's all folks..

Thursday, February 17, 2011

2011 - Treasure Hunts on the loose..

Long overdue, totally forgot to put an entry on this..
Completed the Treasure Hunts for 2010, regular and super..

Hardest to get was the Baja Beetle, but not impossible..
Enjoy the pics y'all..

The last piece of the puzzle.. 
TH$ Baja Beetle.

Rear view..

Nice stuff..

Front view.
Looks like a cartoon character..

Interior.. kinda nice too..

My completed loose TH$ 2010.

Sweet stuff.. Might opt for sale..

or probably I'll just rip the tyres off for my custom??


Two of the hardest to get..
Olds Number 5.5 and Baja Beetle.

My completed TH 2010.

That's all folks..

Week #6 - A busy weekend..

Started off with last Friday activity, went to the HWCM unofficial gathering in Putrajaya..
There were like 10 of us which mostly those guys staying around Putrajaya area..
Mostly new collectors, but they do have awesome collections.. and so much passions..

Below are just some pictures of the gathering...

Some of the members..
From left :- kown, matbear,saga1011,maza.

Playing time..

Fastback, fresh from carded..

Some of the members..
From left :- RGSUKAN, Jay, Santonie, Kamal.Othman

Some Baracudas on display..

Mini Color icy waters..

Flaming theme by matbear

On the same nite, I did manage to get a second piece of the Super Street Nissan Skyline.
A member wanted to sell due to a slight defect on the left front window panel.

Here are some pics...

Now, a carded and a loose piece..

Together with some of the loose family..

Then on Sunday, met a fellow collector from Indonesia. He brought a lot of new carded for trade, which mostly, none can be found here..
Some of the were from the new TH '63 T-Bird wave, which just landed to Indonesia market last week..
Manage to do a trade with him.. Got myself my favorite casting. Morris Mini 2011.



Darn.. Immediately it went loose...

A bit disappointed thou.. 
Coz it has a plastic body compared to the previous siblings.

Rear view

Side view.

As usual, a carded and loose..

And that is not the only stuff I got..
From the top left;
Datsun Bluebird 510
Morris Mini
TH '63 T-Bird

Nothing fancy about this casting.
Gonna skip this casting thou...

Its kinda ugly to me..

One of the casting collected.
Need to get this one carded thou..

Something simple and nice..
Probably would look good on Speed Machine Series.

And later that nite, went to KLCC for some lite shopping, found this at Isetan and Parkson.
New waves hits Isetan, and Parkson restock with Garage Series.. Nice..
Hope this continues with newer waves...

Got them not for me, just fulfilling some members wishlist..
Renault Megane
'66 Chevy Nova
Custom '69 VW Squareback
'71 Dodge Demon

That's all folks...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A special Custom from Brunei

Yesterday, received a parcel from Xebec, a fellow member of HWCM from Brunei.
He made a special flame custom Dairy Delivery for me.

Flame tampo Dairy Delivery, Xebec version..
Thanks bro..

Enjoy the pics..

The parcel.

Stuff for me and danielh..

The gift for me..

Johnny Lightning series..

What a sweet car..

Flaming DD..

On the loose...

Top view

Rear view

Frontal view.

And then I switched with Real Riders tyres..


What a masterpiece..

Lost of words already.. hehehe..

A special thanks to Xebec...
This will sit nicely in my garage...

That's all folks..