Monday, October 3, 2011

Heavy Deliveries being set loose..

Last week, decided to set loose those heavy deliveries which arrived a few weeks back..
Let the pictures do the talking...
Enjoy the pics and video..

Here are the pictures of the loose..

2007 Hot Wheels Collectors Real Riders series.

2007 Street Show Series # 12

2008 Father's Day Cars

2003 Mother's Wax Series # 1

Chip Foose.

2005 Convention Charity Car


2010 Hot Wheels Slick Rides series.

2004 Batman vs Catwoman

HardNoze Batmobile

That's all folks..



ronnychee96@hobbiescorner said...

oh my!! More DD into ur collections...bro!! Still missing few of that u have in hand. Congrats!

kuku said...

nice one bro. that mother DD need a wheels swap! :p

mushr00m said...

@ckh - thanks bro.. Yes some are hard to find but painful purchases..
@kuku - I know, might be looking for another one to swap the wheels, this one keep it original first.. hehehe

thanks guys for the comments..

kelvinator21 said...

i want the batmobile so much..
nice pictures for all dd man!!
still miss a spot in my collection..

subiajakokrepot... said...


that CP and DD it's a awesome car..

are you a join at RLC..???


mytoycars said...

great pics!

Michael said...

where do you get these ? i dont see them at the shops!?