Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekly Exclusive - Franken Berry Dairy Delivery

Recently, managed to get my hands on this..
Thanks to a fellow collector.
Since myself do collect the Dairy Delivery casting, surely be eyeing on this when it was first announce a few months back..

Some history of the Frankenberry..
Info from wikipedia on Frankenberry
It seems that the cereal is kinda famous in US. Wonder why it is not sold in Malaysia..

Anyway, enjoy the pics...

The box..
When you shake, there is cereal soundlike..
Wonder what it is?

The cereal box..

Open to reveal...

Dairy Delivery..
Awesome wheels...

Oppss.. it went loose...

Close-up Side

Two thumbs up for the paintjob and wheels selection..

Rear view.. simple..

What are those wheels for?

These are the ones in the box which makes the cereal soundlike.. 

That's all folks..


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekly featuring - Datsun 240z..

Some info from Hot Wheels Wikia..

"The Datsun 240Z is a Hot Wheels casting based on the real car of the same name and was recreated in 1/64 scale by Hot Wheels designer Phil Riehlman.

2007 Fun Fact #80 of 180: Did you know that in 2004 Sports Car International named this car the number 2 sports car of the 1970's, beating out some well-known, high-end performance exotics? "
Some cool info up there..I started to collect these casting a few years back.. Got my first hand on the White Datsun..
Later the other variations comes piece by piece..
The most expensive would e the Modern Classic Series..
Have yet to complete the whole variations, I think there is like a piece or two still missing..
Anyway, enjoy the pics..

2006 First Edition.. my first Datsun 240z..

2006 First Edition

2006 First Edition - Kmart Collector's Day Exclusive..

2007 Hot Wheels Racing

The First Edition Trio.

Rear view.. Classic Old skool sports car..

2008 Modern Classic series..

Rear view.. Comes with Metal base..

Spectraflame blue.. Nice..

2011 Treasure Hunts . No # 12/15

Carded and loose... as usual..

Nice design, awesome tampo..

Top view.

Side view..

Plastic and rubber wheels..

Jon Imai's signature at the rear..

Rear view..
A bit detailing on the rear lights..

The Datsun 240z group.

The family..

That's all folks..

Monday, August 15, 2011

Week #32 - 2 parcels and some loose

Last week, not much activity as kinda busy with work
But during mid-week, received a parcels from a fellow collector in Brunei
A few months back, I have requested him to custom some Mini with Austin Powers tampo..
Surprisingly, he raok me some cars...

Enjoy the pics..

Some old skool Matchbox..

Another old skool Matchbox.. awesome stuff.

Custom Austin Powers Mini Coopers..

Another parcel from H-Hobby Diecast..

Greenlight '77 Pontiac Firebird

Loose purchases @ Uptown Shah Alam..

That's all folks..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Week #31 - And the hauling continues....

As the title says, the hauling continues..
Some for me and some for other collectors...
And right now I'm realizing that almost every week, there would be at least a single Dairy Delivery rolling into my garage..
Anyway, enjoy the pics y'all..

Hot Wheels Classic..

Close-up view

Close-up view

Close-up view

Close-up view

Yes.. This is for me.. :)

From the Crazed Clown Series.. Short Card..

All time favorite.. '69 Ford Mustang
2011 Cars of the Decades..

For customizing..

A trade with another HWCM member..
Ames Exclusive series.

Close-up view.

Rear box close-up.

Four brothers came in loose...

These trio decide to roll in also..

A birthday gift..

I will create another entry for the loose cars..
More pictures and history on them..
To be continue..

That's all for now..