Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekly featuring - 2011 Nostalgic Brands, Master of the Universe..

Recently, Carrefour and Toy'R Us received the new Hot Wheels Nostalgic Brands of Master of the Universe..
This a good thing that Mattel is coming up with these new design but surprisingly the finishing is ain't that good..

Here are the full listing of the Nostalgic Brands series taken from

Masters Of The Universe
’29 Ford Pickup
’34 Ford Sedan Delivery
’49 Ford C.O.E.
’50s Chevy® Truck
’57 Buick
’59 Cadillac® Funny Car
Custom ’77 Dodge Van
Dairy Delivery

DC Comics
’50s Chevy® Truck
’56 Chevy® Nomad™
’64 GMC® Panel
’70 Chevelle™ SS™ Wagon (panel version) (New tool!)
Bread Box (New die-cast chassis!)
Deco Delivery
Double Demon Delivery
Hiway Hauler

General Mills
’29 Ford Pickup
’49 Ford C.O.E
’51 GMC® C.O.E. (New tool!)
’57 Buick
’70 Chevelle™ SS™ Wagon (panel version) (New tool!)
’70s Van
Custom ’77 Dodge Van
Deco Delivery
Hiway Hauler

’34 Ford Sedan Delivery
’51 GMC® C.O.E. (New tool!)
’56 Chevy® Nomad™
’59 Cadillac® Funny Car
’64 GMC® Panel
’70s Van
Dairy Delivery
Dream Van XGW (New tool!)
Haulin’ Gas (New tool!)
Smokin’ Grille (New tool!)

Below are some pics of the casting which I managed to buy.. or at least only the casting which I collect..

The packaging..

Immediately loose them..

'49 Ford COE on the loose

'50 Chevy Truck on the loose

Dairy Delivery on the loose

'50 Chevy Truck..

Graphics not really detailed..: (

But I like the color combo..

Just another addition to the family..

'49 Ford COE.

Looks exactly like the First Edition of the COE..
Without the graphics thou..

Dairy Delivery

The graphics not really sharp..

I know Mattel can do better...

Wastage space on the top..

Skeletor has its own customized plates...

That's all folks..

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week # 29 - More trading stuff...

What a hectic week..
No new waves spotted for mainlines but as per mentioned before, Masters of The Universe was recently release in Carrefour and Toy 'R Us..
However, I managed to trade some cars among collectors..
Enjoy the pics...

Bought some, trade some..

Comes together in some of the lot purchases..

A trade with a fellow collector in Aussie..

Master of the Universe.. for me..

Loose cars..

2006 released Honda Civic Type-R 

Rear view

Jada from the Option-D Series, Wave # 9
Nissan Skyline GT-R R34

Why did I buy this car???

Cool graphics

Nice wheels..

A detail interior..

A custom RAOK from the  Aussie trade...
Thanks to Thorr for the awesome custom..

Loving the paintjob and the wheels..

Wheels from Maisto if not mistaken...

That's all folks...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

RAOK from down under...

This entry dedicated to a fellow collector in Australia..
You guys might be thinking of what does RAOK means...
Among Hot Wheels collectors, RAOK means Random Acts of Kindness..

In this entry, below are the stuff roak'ed by a collector called Sinclair..
I'm just speechless upon opening the parcel.. Couldn't not believe the stuff delivered and not only for me, for some other fellow collectors as well..
All I can say, thank you bro.. God bless you..

Enjoy the pics y'all..

The parcel together with the postage stamps..

What is inside?

Matchbox stuff..

Hot Wheels stuff...

Lancers, Skyline and Civics...

Fast cars...

Dairy Delivery.. Card Variation too..

Military and Fire Rods..

These are the 2 hottest stuff.. 
Simply awesome..

That's all folks...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weekly featuring - Dairy Delivery Otter Pops & Classic

Last weekend, I managed to add another 2 Dairy Delivery to my garage..
First was a trade for the 2006 Hot Wheel Classic Series and another was the 2000 Otter Pops..
The seller which sells the Otter Pops DD has both variations which the packaging facing left and right, but it seems the price differs a lot..
The one facing left is a bit pricey thou, most probably the seller thought it was a packaging error..
Didn't buy that thou.. felt weird to buy a DD which has different tampo on the left and right side..
Can I just put in on a turntable to display? hehehe..

Anyway, enough babbling, here are the pics of the 2 Dairies..
Enjoy the pics..

2006 Hot Wheel Classic Series

2000 Otter Pops

Duo on the loose...

Right side..

Left side..

So far, these are the only 3 I have,,,

That's all folks...