Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rolling out Convoy and Karmann..

Last week, I managed to get my hands on these 2 casting..
Told myself not to start collecting on these, but couldn't resist the temptation...

Here are the videos which both were set on loose...

Anyway, enjoy the pics..

From the Hot Wheels Classic Series..

Set on loose..

Consider this as the First Edition on Custom Convoy..
Spectraflame blue...

Nice work there Larry Wood..

Rear view.. No detailing..

Side view...

Fellow brothers... Spectraflame Black..

The Convoy brothers...

Karman Ghia..
First Edition adn RLC Selections..

Always set on loose... :)

Out of the series, I like these 2 the most..

First Edition. Simple but nice..

Rear View.

Openable rear hatch..

Simple but nice design..

2007 RLC Selections and only 10003 were produced..

Simply a beauty..

RLC logo at the rearfender..

The Karmann Ghia Family..

That's all folks..


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Weekly featuring - Bone Shaker

Another set of casting which I collect, started probably early last year...
Till now, still wondering why did I collect them.. :)

The casting initially launch in 2006, an till now, probably has like 50 over casting which consist from Mainline, Garage series and Conventions..

My first Bone Shaker.

From the 2009 Hot Wheels Larry's garage Holiday series.

2 of the uncertain releases from Mattel..
The official release was the Metal skull.
I managed to get the one with the White skull from a purchase in US.
Furthermore, the one with the Metal Skull has a smaller width wheel compared the the White Skull.

From the 2010 Larry's Garage series.

These are the 2 latest addition to the group..
Enjoy the pics..

From the 2911 HW Video Game Heroes.
Which Video Game Heroes are they talking about? Anyone?

It just want to be set on loose...

Liking the Matte Black color with flames...

The best mainline release for the casting...

This one is from 2011 Trucking Transporter series.
Only took the BS, and sold the truck...

The current release for BS for 2011..
Is Mattel coming out with more BS this year?

Do you see the differences?

Didn't realize the error till I have uncarded them...

Didn't inserted properly into the hole..

Rear view of the error...

This is a Custom Police Bone Shaker from a friend  in Aussie..
I did a wheel swapped to Black RR5SP with Redlines...

Absolute beautiful...

Some touch-up on the skulls...

Neat custom.. Thanks Thorr..

2 1:50 scale Bone Shaker found in flea market..
Not to sure which series or release does this 2 comes from...

Matte Black with flames..

Spectraflame Blue with flames...

The Bone Shaker family..
Still wondering why did I collect this casting.... :)

That's all folks...

Week # 25 - Small purchases...

Nothing much this week, just some carded bought from a friend who is clearing his collection...
Enjoy the pics..

Some Hot Wheels Classic Custom Convoy..

More stuff following...

Hot Wheels Classic Dairy Delivery..
It was carded but set it loose immediately..

That's all folks..

Monday, June 20, 2011

Week # 24 - Loose @ Flea Market

Almost a weekend activity to visit the Flea Market @ Amcorp Mall..
Sometimes I wonder where does these people got their stuff and why are they selling it off..
I was surprised to get some stuff which is kinda rare at a very cheap price..
Enjoy the pics..

Some for me, some for friends...

Hot Wheels Tampo..Sol-Aire CX-4 and Ramp Truck
For a friend..

Sol-Aire CX-4 from the 1995 Hot Wheels Race Team 5-pack.
Error wheels.. Supposed to have only the 7SP wheels..

Ramp Truck  from the Racing Metal Series, 1995..
16 years ago and still in mint condition.. 

Dairy Delivery from the 2006 Hot Wheels Classic Series.

'70 Plymouth Road Runner..

Beep beep...

Wonder which series the fluorescent green is from...

Both have same tampo, but don't think this is an official release..

From the 2003 Snap On Tools Series.

This is a nice casting to collect too... :)

1970 Chevell SS

From the 2004 Hall of Fame Series.

T-Bucket, from the 2009 Hot Wheels Larry's Garage Set,
Toys 'r Us Exclusive..
Bought this just for the wheels...

That's all folks...