Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekly featuring - 2011 Custom Convoy K-Mart Mail-In Exclusive

I managed to get these beauty from Kukubeh recently..
Not really crazy about the casting, just want to have a few of them...
Loose the convoy during HWCM friday gathering at McD SS15..
Enjoy the pics and video..

Video courtesy of HWCM Atomkinder..
Thanks bro..

Some info got from the net, the Custom Convoy was first debut in 2009..
As of now, got around 9 different variations for the casting...
Not so many thou, now thinking of collecting them.. hehehe..

Some birds are meant to be free..

What a beauty..

Rear view.

Awesome paintjob...

Looks kinda mean...

The only trio I have...

Frontal trio view..

Detailing in the middle, but not the other two..

That's all folks...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Week # 20 - Mid Week Exclusive

A bit extra spend this week, but really happy with the stuff.
Just arrived yesterday, a parcel from kukubeh.. Thanks bro..

The parcel..

The coolest stuff..
All time favorite - '65 VW Fastback.. can't remember how many of this I have..
Custom Convoy Mail-In K-Mart Exclusive

Close-up. My 3rd Custom Convoy.
Gonna be on the loose soon...

Back of the card.
Not so fancy with the other casting.. Might buy them if they are cheap..

That's all folks...

Week # 20 - Early week hauling...

Manage to get some good stuff early this week.
Received a parcel from a friend in East Malaysia and also some cool stuff from a local friend..
Enjoy the pics..

Salute to Kelvinator..
Really appreciated his effort to carefully place and wrapped the parcel..
Thanks bro..

Cars from the parcel..
Some common cars which I had hauled previously..

Early week total hauled. from 2 friends..

Nice pair

All time favorite..K-Mart Exclusive

Funny car anyone.. :)

More of this exclusive cars...

An oldie.. for a friend who just woke up from hibernating... :)

That's all folks..

Monday, May 16, 2011

Week # 19 - More of the oldies...

I was on leave from work for the whole week..
Didn't go hunt at malls but did mine online..
Manage to get some good stuff from the Hot Wheels Community here..
Check it out..enjoy the pics..

Parcel 1 - From a fren in Sarawak..

Really amazed on how much time spent just to do this packaging.
Thanks bro..

Some stuff for me and frens..

Clover Series - Dodge Challenger Funny car.
What a heavy casting...

Some new stuff trade with frens during the HWCM Friday gathering.

From mcwh@lyn.
Thanks bro..

Got this all time favorite casting @ Amcorp Flea Market.

A trade with fellow members.
My fourth Drag Bus.. and its a treasure too.. :)

A trade among members..
Another 2 Animated Batmobile from the 2 pack
and 2 Nissan Skyline from the Snap-On Series for friends..

That's all folks..

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekly featuring - 2004 Nissan Skyline Series

I was really shocked when I did managed to get these 2 Nissan Skyline casting which is kinda very hard to get.
Born in China in 2004, these 2 series are really a keeper.
Another 2 pieces into my Nissan Skyline collection..

From the Snap-On Tools series,

Simply beautiful..

Would be beautiful if the rear lights were detailed.

From the 2004 Truckin' Transporter.

Nice tampo..

Lack of details compared the the Snap-On.

Another 2 for the collection.
Didn't know that they have the variations with the PR5 wheels.
Need to keep my eyes open for that..

That's all folks..
Keep on tuning..

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Week # 17 - More stuff arrived..

Wow... 2 weeks of not updating with new stuff..
I was really busy with work, running from sites to data centers...
Anyway, here are just some of the stuff I did managed to get from the net and some members...

Week # 16
2 Parcels received from 2 wonderful friends..
I know one of them is watching this blogs.. Thanks man.

Look at how neat the wrapping is.
Simply a worthy seller to deal with.

The first parcel.
Arkham Asylum and VW Fastback for friends.

2nd Parcel. Awesome stuff from awesome seller.

Easter Eggclusive Series.

Cars of the decades. For friends..

This is from JHC.. Thanks bro..
He dealt these items for me..

My third Drag Bus.
Bought this due to the cheap price.

All time favorite, '69 Mustang from the Fire Rods Series.

Matchbox Superfast Mail-In Honda Civic Type-R

Week # 17
Nothing much but I was really surprised on the stuff I managed to get.

These are from ADVedder.
He is clearing his TH collections.

And this superbly stuff, are during some trades among members on Sunday @ Amcorp Mall
Will try to cover some pics for the loose pieces soon.

That's all folk.. 
Thanks for viewing...