Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Week #16 - Some carded but loose all around...

What a week..
Not much new wave in Malaysia market at the moment..
Managed to get these 3 beauties from a trade with fellow HWCM members..
You know who you are..
Thanks again bro...

UH Karmann Ghia.. Should I complete this casting?
2011 TH$ Baja Bug.. 2nd piece..
2011 TH$ '69 Mustang.

A gift from a friend who came back from Beijing.

Got this during HWCM Friday gathering.
Loose TH$ from Atomkinder
ROAK Walmart Mitsibishi Lancer Evo X.. Thanks Enyo..

Later, on the weekend, went to Amcorp flea market, to get some loose TH$ or any garage cars for the real riders tires..
These are just some which I managed to get..
Enjoy the pics...

These loose TH$ will be sacrifice just for the wheels...

These are for trade purposes only...

These lovely Garage series are to nice to be sacrifice...

Then later that night, had a sneak peek sale from a fellow HWCM member.
Surprisingly, a lot of nice cars was on sale..
And again, I did spend a lot.. but mostly for other members...

Superbly nice cars...
Mine are the Ford GT40 from the 2006 BullRun Series, Mini and Beetle.

Again, these are for other members.
One of the rarest 5-pack I have seen...

That's all folk..

Friday, April 22, 2011

Week # 15 - Weekend trade..

A bit slowed down last week, not much hauling...
But did managed to get some loose rubbers for custom and own collection..

Just wants the rubbers on these TH$...

Some of the stuff I managed to get in flea market @Amcorp Mall..

That's all folks.. told ya not much stuff.. :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Week # 14 - Hauling Part II

Late last week, another shipment came in fro Enyo..
Some stuff for myself and some for friends..
Looking back, I think I need to slow down shopping for a time being...

Anyway, enjoy the pics y'all...
Note to myself.. Need to get a DSLR...

A medium size box..

Nicely padded...

A neat package with sling wrap..

The cars inside..

Bone Shakers..

Garage Series..

Mustangs Mania..

And for me....

Then on saturday, afternoon, got this from a fren...

Only the Mini is for me.. the rest, on sale...

And this is for me.. Nice huh..

This trade was on saturday nite @ Putrajaya..
With with Putrajaya collectors.. 

Got this @ Amcorp.. for a very cheap price..

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Week #14 - Last week hauling...

Another fruitful hauling I can say...
Some of the stuff ordered locally and internationally has arrived..

Enjoy the pics..

From a seller in Johor..

I bought figure or Hot Wheels?? hmmm..

Ta daaaaa... hehehe..
Again.. Mini collector mah..
The Time Machine are for friends..

Traded some, and bought some during 7E promo..

From Kelvinator..

Good price for all these.. Thanks bro..

Wow.. so big.. what's inside?

jeng jeng jeng... 
Hot Wheels Garage Case D x 4 boxes...

Some cards are bent during packaging.. demm..

The cars inside the box..
Not a very good pics thou..

Ford GT40 and '70 Chevy Monte Carlo..

'65 Chevy Malibu and Ferrari 250 GTO.

'56 Mercury and '67 Camaro

Bought the whole case jsut for these 2 babies..
Karmann Ghia and '55 Chevy Panel.

Thats all for now..

Week #14 - March hauling summary...

Been no updating the blog for a while due to my new job role truly takes over most of my time..
Anyway, here are some of the stuff I did manage to get from the last update...
Some details a long the way..
Enjoy the pics..

Stuff came on Week #11

From Hokuan, a HWCM Member...

Nicely wrapped box.

The stuff in the box..
The Chevy Panel, Vw Fastback and Kyosho all for less than RM100.
My first Chevy Panel and Kyosho cars.. :)
The GMC Motorhome for a member..

This has some loose cars inside.. 
Not be revealed, but some members has the benefits of those stuff... :)

This is from Enyo..

Nicely wrapped too..

Hot Wheels Classics..
and again, none for me.. for other members..

'70 Plymouth Roadrunner

A gift for me.. :)
Thanks bro..

And this is for me..
A member stumbled upon this during his visits to his customer site..
This 69 Mustang comes in the Buick Riveira wave, but not many been restocked in Klang Valley..

Stuff came on Week #12
Another week full of stuff..
From Xebec in Brunei..

Nicely wrapped package.

Saw some goodies....

The stuff came with it...

A gift for me..
Thanks bro..


For danielh

For danielh

My Jada which I bought from Xebec.

Later that same week, my stuff came from Guy, a HWCM member..

Nicely wrapped package..

Nicely padded..

I was surprised to see how the seller can put much effort in packaging the stuff
Thanks bro... 

Wrapped one after another..

Larry's Garage Holiday Series.. @ a very good price..
Thanks again bro..

My long awaited Dairy Delivery.. Finally..
Sold off the Camaro..

Sold this 2 as well..

And this pair also.. :)

Bought some, and trade some...

Traded stuff during the weekend @ Amcorp.

At last, got this beauty..
Mini Collector mah...

That's all folks for the month of March.. :)