Monday, March 7, 2011

Week # 9. A very slow week..

Nothing much hauling this week.. Myself still recovering for the cough and fever..
Got my stuff from the bay, and also some from fellow collectors and from flea market.
Enjoy the pics..

Parcel received from a local seller..

Only 4 cars..

All time favorite.. '69 Ford Mustang..
More coverage on this soon..

Another favorite.. Morris Mini.
The Ford GT LM is just for fun.. hehehe

Got these from matbear and JHC7598.
Another addition TH for the 2011 TH series.
And my first '55 Chevy Panel.. :)

Another all time favorite.

Front - Dairy Delivery from the 2006 RLC Series.
Got it loose at flea market.
Back - Dairy Delivery from the 2010 Slick Rides Series.
A gift from Atomkinder for custom work..

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Week # 8 - Nothing much..

This is one week I would not want to repeat again this year..
I had fever, cough and body aches till I could not work, sit are even sleep peacefully following every few minutes I have to cough badly..

Anyway, since I was mostly  on house arrest, I only manage to meet up the guys for a short while during Friday Gathering and Sunday @ Amcorp Mall..

Here are some stuff I got during the meet-up.
Enjoy the pics..

Some stuff bought from frens..
The 2 Delorean Time Machine was a gift from Atomkinder.
After I help him custom wheel swapped some of his castings..

My first Drag Bus..
Got this from HWCM Iwan from Indonesia..
Terima kasih ya Pak Iwan..

From the Toys R'US Exclusive Series I think..
Do correct me.. 

Rear view..

Close-up view.

A single rear view close up..

Wonder how it sounds if this was a real car..
The driver most probably gone deft.. hehehe

Anyway, that's bout it..
Still drowsy from cough medicine...