Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week #3.. Stocks arrived..

Nothing much.. Just some stuff ordered from Enyo..

Some parts of the parcel was opened by Custom.

Nicely wrap by Enyo..

Hot Wheels..
Hey, it ain't all for me..

The Caterham and Land Rover has hit Malaysia,
but no sign of the Porsche.. hmmm.

That's all folks.. Told ya nothing much.. hehehe..

HW Vintage Racing

Hot Wheels has released the Vintage Racing line for 2011. The first 2 cases already out in the market.. and currently is being restocked at Toy R' Us and Jusco.. Yes people.. Local market..

I got mine a few weeks back, thanks to Hokuan..
These 2011 series consists of 30 castings. Below are just some of the casting in the Case B.
However, none that I kept.. SOld all the the HWCM members during the 2nd Annual Dinner..

Enjoy the pics..

Past week activity..

Haven't been updated recently as kinda busy with work..

Started off with 2nd week of January which the HWCM 2nd Anniversary was held in Restaurant Puteri in TTDI.. Superb event hosted by the club with some activities such as Custom Competition, Basic Cars and Garage cars race.. A good outcome, probably around 60 members.. Had lotsa fun thou..

Some of the pics from the event.
Courtesy to HWCM Member kown for the pics..

Liberty Drag Buses line-up

Custom Cars from HWCM Xeifu

VW Fastback and 50 Chevy Truck on display..

Custom Designer Auction Car by Xeifu

Custom Designer Auction Car by jhc7508

Custom Designer Auction Car by danielh

Custom Designer Auction Car by cham2020

Charity Auction Cars

Sweet Rides 2010 Completed set.

For more pictures of the event, do visit some of the members blog.. kown, artt_anime and kurz..

Some of the stuff I got during the gathering at a bargain price..

Superb deal on these set..

Later, the next day, early morning heads towards Amcorp Mall for a trade with a HWCM Member, Iwan Fukun..
Thanks bro for the TH Olds 5.5

The JL Skyline was from Coolman
TH Olds 5.5 from Iwan

And that completes my TH 2010.. carded..
Completed my loose TH and TH$ 2010 sometime last year.. ehehhe..

That's all folks.. 

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All hells break loose....

To start off the new year on previous weekend, I decided to loose all the Bone Shakers and some cars which I got during the HWCM friday gathering..
Below are some videos of the ripping..

Here are some videos uploaded by eight..

Bone Shaker unleashed..

 This is where I just got the '65 Volkwagen Fastback 2011 Edition

Here are the pictures of cars involved in the massacre...

Bone Shakers

Larry Garage Series 2009 & 2010

Bone Shaker 2007 Kar Keepers Exclusive

Bone Shaker 2007 Classic Series

'65 VW Fastback and Dairy Delivery

'65 VW Fastback - 2011 Garage Series.


'65 VW Fastback. The Official release.

Dairy Delivery - 2009 Larry Garage Series

One of the hardest to get due to limited run for the unit.

Paint not evenly set on the grill..

Such beauty..

'50s Chevy Truck

From the 2007 Ultra Hots Kar Keepers Exclusive

From the 2006 Ultra Hots series

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Week #1 2011 : New Year Hauling..

Hunting season start early this year..
Thought was going to slow down on them and concentrate on certain casting, but all are just meaningless words.. ahahaha..

Below are just some of the stuff I bought from retailers, the net and also from friends..
Enjoy the pics..

20 Pack from

From Hokuan..

From Hokuan and also retail.

This one came from smadli in Penang..
I have a few of these but doesn't seem to be enough..

This is from Jusco Midvalley..

A gift from Sinclair.
Thanks bro..

This set comes from Jusco Sunway Pyramid.

The trio from an ebay friend.

During HWCM Friday gathering.

My favorites..
Got them during the HWCM gathering on Friday.
Thanks to shakz & wildpsirit

More DD and BS.. 

RLC Bone Shaker.. wooo hooooo...

That's all folks..