Monday, November 29, 2010

7-11 Promo is here again...

Well, its time again for the promo.. This time a little bit better as the price lowered more than the previous sale..

Hot Wheels - RM4.90
Matchbox - RM4.50
Speed Machines - RM12.90

As usual, some of us would go hunt for the fun of it.. Checkout what waves do hit this stores..
To my surprise, there are 4 waves circulating the 7e, but majority is the '53 Cadillac followed by Shelby Cobra Daytona..
I think we passed on 15 - 20 pcs of TH Caddy, but do encounter some interesting stuff.. Nothing much can be bought from the Caddy or the Daytona wave, but surprisingly Matchbox has better option, the Honda Civic Type-R blue color and my favorite, Austin Mini Cooper white color..

FYI, Case 998JJP is the TH Shelby Cobra "Daytona" Coupe wave.. However, you might find not 1 but 2 TH in it.. Good luck..

Here are some of the stuff I found...

TH and TH$ Custom '53 Cadillac

TH and TH$ Shelby Cobra "Daytona" Coupe..

Some extras for me... ehehehe

Good luck hunting y'all..

Friday, November 26, 2010

Treasure Hunts 2010 # 5. Shelby Cobra "Daytona" Coupe

Just another entry.. Nothing interesting.. Just some review on a recent TH discovery.. :)

Taken from Hot Wheels Wiki
"The Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe is a Hot Wheels casting based on the race car of the same name, debuting in the 2007 New Models."

Got this a few weeks back.. One of the few carded TH$ I got this year..  
Not a collector of these casting, but surprisingly this really had my attention.. Probably because of the big rubber wheels used on the car.. hehehe..

Nothing fancy.. Just another TH$ with big wheels.. yummy..

Now I can pair it off with my regular TH..
(apologise for the blurr pics, my camera acting up).. :)

Let it loose to play around with..

Sexy rear..

Pictures of the pair...

Look at those big rubber wheels..

Sexy backs of the pair..

Nice huh?

Racing stripes...

Carded and loose..

Manage to get a loose @ a flea market.. Both of the casting has the same code base number..
However, when look closely, it seems that the color tone is diffenert between the loose and in the carded..
Probably oxidation causes the color to change for the loose, or is there color variations for this?
Anyway, am looking for a trade with a TH$ '69 Mustang.. Anyone up for it?

Enjoy the pics..

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

49' Ford Coe

Another new casting come out this year was the '49 Ford Coe, debut in the Hot Wheels Delivery Slick Rides.
As usual, I ended up collecting this casting.. Not as heavy as my other trucks, but this truck looks really cool...

Anyway, enjoy the pics.. :)

First color..

Second color..

Again, a sucker for big rubber wheels...

Rear view

Frontal view.. 
Oh my... what big nose you have..

Now need to look for the 3rd Color, features in the Hot Wheels Delivery Sweet Rides with the Milk Duds tampo on the side..

Hope to get that real soon... :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hot Wheels 2010 Kmart and TRU Exclusive

Collecting Hot Wheels can be very expensive when you started to purchased convention car, RLC and exclusive cars.. But then, this is very addictive...

Below are some of the exclusive selection I manage to get this year..

Some history on those cars..
"Back in September 1969, John DeLorean himself announced the ’70 Monte Carlo™, a sweet coupe originally launched as Chevrolet's® counterpart to the then-new Pontiac Grand Prix. Following an initial rocky start in production, the car went on to become a solid seller. Now, getting back to the future… 2009, that is, when the Hot Wheels® ’70 Monte Carlo™ made its debut in that year’s Hot Wheels® Classics series. Now, it’s here once again, dressed in a bold blue base just for this Toys ‘R’ Us promotion! Topped with double white stripes and groovy swirls, it sports the classic Hot Wheels® logo and a number “2” deco, all rolling on five-spoke Real Rider® wheels with white stripes." (Taken from

Given to me as a gift from a seller in the states, first look and I was really surprised on the beauty of the car..

What a beauty..

Later, Mattel decided to release Thunder Roller for the Kmart Promotion..
"The Thunder Roller® debuted back in 1983 in the Workhorses lineup, a design from Mr. Hot Wheels® himself, Larry Wood. It was issued only a few times in the '90s, then was out of sight until 2004, when it was chosen as the very first sELECTIONs™ model. It’s back once again, with a bold blue finish featuring a number 3 deco (signifying that it’s the third of four mail-in cars this year), and authentic Hot Wheels® logo, die-cast chassis and body, and riding on Real Riders® wheels." (Taken from

Got this during a purchased made from US for some Hot Wheels Delivery and Garage Series..

What a beauty as well.. and heavy also..

Frontal View

Side/Rear view


Totally didn't realise the running number..
Both are from different exclusive promotion..

This is for keeps... suhhhweeetttt...

What a sight..

Two of the most expensive castings in my garage..
A must have for HW collectors..

Enjoy the pics..

'64 GMC Panel

Another casting comes to the Garage..

Slightly lighter than is com padre the '55 Chevy Panel, the GMC Panel making its debut this year with the Hot Wheels Delivery Slick Rides series..

First color

Second color

I'm a sucker for big rubber wheels.. :)

Frontal view.

Rear view. 
Closed rear door..

Heavy casting.. Me loike..

A few weeks back, Mattel decided to release another GMC Panel at the 2010 LA Collectors Convention from 13th till 17th October 2010.

Manage to get my hands on the piece sold in the net..

Super nice..A must have piece..

This is awesome...

Look at the logo.. arghhhh...

Nice flames...

The number plate shows Finale, the last convention for 2010.

Excellent choice of casting..

Group pics is a must..

So far, these are the only 3 pieces available in the market for this series.

Enjoy the pics..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2 more rolling in...

Last Monday, received these 2 50' Chevy Truck from shakz from a trade in the States.... An addition to my collection..

I already have both carded but this are just irresistible.. Not to sure why I wanted to collect them..
Probably because its a full metal die cast and kinda heavy too..
Anyway, enjoy the pics..

2006 First Edition from the Ultra Hots Series.

Tilt-able bed revealing the engine..

2006 from the Ultra Hots Series.

Aren't they lovely?

Group pic..

More to come...


Sunday, November 7, 2010

OMG..What a surprise...

Wake this morning and got one thing one my mine.. go to sleep again.. But instead getting prepared for my Flea Market sale on Sunday at Amcorp Mall..

Then my gf wanted to go Shah Alam to search some of her stuff..
Drop by at The Store, went to the toys section and found this hanging at the pegs.. Priceless..
Check with the sales assistant, she say 3 boxes was restocked.. Label 998JJG.. But only 1 TH$ was found..
Anyway, not complaining, as I can used this to trade with something else..

Enjoy the pics..

I'm a sucker for this type of wheels..
Might ripped the wheels to fit my other purpose... perhaps..

A new tampo found on this car.. Camo Army Green.. Nice..

Probably now looking for the TH$ 69' Mustang for trade.. Anyone?