Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Custom Cars from friends...

When I first started to collect Hot Wheels and Matchbox, I always abused them to the max..
Taking out the wheels, windscreen and mainly by force.. Some I did even cut using players and make it convertible.. This is when I have yet to know, there are better ways to custom a die-cast..

This is a tribute to my fellow customizers, for giving me these superb custom cars for my garage..

Started of with Xeifu..
A custom made Bone Shaker.

Love those big wheels...

Custom Nissan Skyline R34 GT

Awesome custom..

Awesome deals..

Big bore exhaust..

Sweet rides..

Xebec crash @ HWCM Member from Brunei.
Honda Civic Si - Spoon Edition.

Came with regular wheels. Swapped with CM.

Simple and neat custom..

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
The First Edition of  Helang Lebuhraya.

I swapped the wheels to make it look meaner.

JHC and Cham's Helang Lebuhraya..

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X
Helang Lebuhraya

Again from Cham2020
Dairy Delivery - Coke Edition 

Swapped those plastic to rubber wheels..

Again, from cham2020
41 Willy Coupe.

Swapped again those plastics to rubbers.

That's all for this entry.
Will try to update more custom cars soon..


Monday, December 27, 2010

Red Line Club - '50s Chevy Truck

And again, another truck rolling in the my garage..
This time, it's the RLC '50s Chevy Truck.. which is limited to 11000 pieces worldwide..

Got this a few weeks back, a trade from shakz..
Awesome truck, pity it has to stay in carded all this while..
Fit with white walls tyres to the Spectraflame light brown body, this is one sweet truck..
Enjoy the pics and ripping video y'all..


Awesome color...

Tilting flat bed... sweet..

Imprints on the side..

Hot Wheels on the bed..

Embossed Chevrolet on the back..

rear view..

Awesome Truck.. 

That's all folks..

Again.. Mail In Fastback..

Another entry on the 65 VW Fastback..
Got this roak from Sinclair a couple of weeks back..
One of the hardest to get, and expensive too... and I'm liking it very much..

Yes, finally managed to loose it during the HWCM Friday gathering after a few weeks kept in storage..

Awesome car with tampos..

Carded version.

Then it went loose...


Rear-end up..

Probably one of the reason I like the car..

Awesome design..

pheeewiiitttt... ahahhhaha

The rear..

Joining the rest of the pack..

Showing of the top..


And when I thought I had the completed series, Mattel decided to come up with another one for next year.. demm...
When will this stopped.. ahahahaha...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Loose received.

Last week, received a few cars from xeifu, danielh, sinclair, zacktan and latias.. via trade and roak..
These are just some cars to join the rest of the my collection..

Anyway, here are some cars received..
Enjoy the pics.

Tooned Dodge Dayton from sinclair
Mystery Car - 2008 Ford Focus
2009 Larry's Garage Bone Shaker.. from a fren.. :)

Mystery Car - 2008 Ford Focus

The rest of the crew..

The complete series.

Matchbox Civic Type-R. 
I have these already thou.. Just for the fun of trading.. :)
Thanks zt..

From latias
2006 FE Nissan Z with CM6 wheels
FE Lancer Evolution 7 from WRC Series
2010 FE Citroen C4 Rally

2010 FE Citroen C4 Rally
Have a few of this also, loose and carded, but its fun to trade..
Thanks latias..

FE Lancer Evolution 7 from WRC Series

The rest of the crew..

Lancer Evolution 7 from the 5-pack Jungle Rally
Lancer Evolution 7 from Track Stars Series.

Variations thou..
Black lining surrounding the window panel.

Have yet to put  the stuff from danielh..
A special custom from me.. thanks bro..
Soon to be posted.. Keep tuning..

Thats all folks..