Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Awesome ROAK from Sinclair...

Yesterday while @ work, my mom called saying that a parcel had reached my parents house.. It was from Australia.. I was surprised coz had not ordered or told that I was goin to received stuff.

Since nothing to do in the office, I went home and look at the box.. Hmm.. from Sinclair (another member in HWCM migrated to Australia).. I was anxiously to see whats inside..

Short Cards?

Got more?

Comes to my surprise, a bunch of short cards and exclusive cards with a note from Sinclair.
Some of the cards are for some intended members.
Below are the stuff  ROAK by Sinclair to some of the member in HWCM.. Cool stuff bro.


Wild Weekend Bone Shaker for Hassan
VW Fastback Exclusive Mail-In 2009 for me...

Hall of Fame Olds Aurora GTS-1
First Edition 2006 '55 Chevy Panel.

2006 Treasure Hunt Beetle Cup
Fast fish error piece.

All I can say is, Thank you so much Sinclair. God bless you with wealth and happiness.
This gift really makes my day.. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

'50s Chevy Truck

Another casting I like is the '50 Chevy Truck.. First debut in 2006 in the Ultra Hots Series.
The '50s Chevy Truck has a bed that flips up and reveal its engine.
Not to sure why I choose the casting but fall in love with this..
My latest acquisition is from the 2009 Sweet Rides Delivery..
Enjoy the pics..

Flips up bed.

Engine reveal.

Rear look..Sweet..

Big nose..

Loose group pics.


Nice wheels..

Sweet huh?..

Week 41 hauling...

Last week hauling... Nothing much thou.. Just some trades with Enyo, Andy and shakz7..
But I really happy to get the '50 Chevy truck.. Thanks again to shakz.

Enjoy the pics..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dairy Delivery

Dairy Delivery or DD is one of my favorite casting.. It was first released in 1998 and has more that 80 + series.. I have a few loose and carded collection which is growing a a slow pace due to the price and the availability of the series..

My first would be the mainline series which came out sometime last year.. Fell in love with it instantly..
Here I would like to share some of the loose pieces.. 

2009 Modified Rides Series

2009 Modified Rides Series - Kmart Collectors Day Edition

Early in 2010, Hot Wheels Club Malaysia choose the DD to be the 2010 Dinner Car.
Exclusive Edition for HWCM members.. ehehhe

 2010 HWCM Dinner Car

The DD came standard with 5SP Wheels but I did a wheel swap with Real Riders tyres
Outcome.. sweet....

DD also has been choosen by customizers as for the size. A lot of graphics and decals can be put at the DD
I had my fair share on customizing the DD...

My first wheel swap with Maisto wheels.

Checkout the clearance at the rear..

My 2 Custom DD with RR tyres.

 Close-up. Fitted with decals from Tomica.

My recent purchase. From the 2010 HW Delivery Slick Rides.

Some of the loose collections..

 Loose grouping pic.

Hope to share more soon. Still got a lot in carded but don't have the space to display..
Enjoy the pics..


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ola collectors..

Last week, I received a parcel from a friend..
I did not expected to received this so early but I am really glad..
It was the Volkswagen Fastback from the Hot Wheels Brazil Convention.
It was really hard to get these especially conventions cars, a bit pricey but enjoying every single bit..
Enjoy the pics..

3 pieces came and kept 1 for myself. 
The rest has been sold..Will get some more for my fellow collectors here.

 Custom made wallpaper to put in the box. Made by Xeifu.

 What a beauty..

It opens too.. sweet... 

 With similar casting from different series.

With fellow counterpart from the Brazil Convention
Deco Delivery.

Now awaiting the same VW Fastback but from the Japan Convention.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Week 40 hauled..

As usual every month, I will surely get something for me or for the other members.. 
This time, a fren bought some and wanted to sell it off and requested my help..
Managed to get these Garage Series for some members..

These are some stuff bought from Jason and jhc7598...

The Civic SI Gold was a gift by Jason.
The DD Monster Jam are for Jay.. btw, congrats bro on having a baby boy...

These VW Fastback came together on Friday.
Lovely pieces from the 2010 Hot Wheels Convention in Brazil.
Will do an individual posting about that later..

These was obtain during the weekly hunting in Amcorp Mall.
Got my 5th '50 Chevy Truck. NOt to sure gonna let loose of this piece..

 And these was all the way from the States. Shipped my msclee.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Custom cars..

To start of with, I didn't know a bit about custom, furthermore on customizing a die cast piece..

Well, after a while, I started off with a simple custom.. Wheel swapping..
It took me around 5 minutes just to drill off a rivet.. and this is the result of my first wheel swap job..

Later, it become an addiction.. Searching high and low for nice wheels and cars to custom..
Till I venture out to respraying the cars..
Below are just some of the wheel swapping and respraying job done..