Monday, October 3, 2011

Heavy Deliveries being set loose..

Last week, decided to set loose those heavy deliveries which arrived a few weeks back..
Let the pictures do the talking...
Enjoy the pics and video..

Here are the pictures of the loose..

2007 Hot Wheels Collectors Real Riders series.

2007 Street Show Series # 12

2008 Father's Day Cars

2003 Mother's Wax Series # 1

Chip Foose.

2005 Convention Charity Car


2010 Hot Wheels Slick Rides series.

2004 Batman vs Catwoman

HardNoze Batmobile

That's all folks..


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Some heavy deliveries...

Wish I could stop buying but I just can't resist the temptation on getting these from a friend..
He informed that some of these are on sale and I took the opportunity to get them..
Since some of them are on my wishlist..
Anyway, enjoy  the pics...

My stuff.. Very heavy...

2008 K-Mart Exclusive Father's Day
2010 Hot Wheels Slick Rides series

2004 Batman vs Catwoman
I might be selling the Batmobile.. Don't collect them...

Managed to scratch 2 casting from my wishlist...
2007 Hot Wheels Real Riders ''55 Chevy Panel
2003 Mother's Wax series.. This has the Chip Foose's siggies on the card and behind the DD..
Will do some close-up shots once I loose them..

That's all folks...
Can't wait to loose them...